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Need help emptying a house of its contents? Call us!  We are an estate sale company who cares about our customers.  We work with Attorneys, Real Estate Agents and Individuals who require a professional company to dispose of household contents such as: art, furniture, china, tools and everyday household items. Estate sales are not only for the rich; even average homes can benefit from a sale. We handle the entire sale discreetly and thoroughly!


Our estate sale company does everything:

  • Organize the entire contents.

  • Research items (we have specialist appraisers).

  • Price items according to fair market value.

  • Arrange items to encourage shopping.

  • Invite active buyers from our extensive email lists.

  • Advertise in local papers and on the web.

  • Use signs to navigate customers to the sale.

  • Fully staff the sale, including security when needed.


Before the Sale:

  • Don’t throw anything away! If it is truly trash, let our estate sale company throw it out for you.

  • Make sure you have a legal right to dispose of the home’s contents.

  • Decide what items won’t be sold. We can help with values, if needed.

  • Contact us as soon as you can; our schedules can sometimes fill up quickly. A minimum of one week is important, but the more time available the better.







After the Sale:

Remember, our estate sale company works on commission, so we are going to do our best to sell every last thing on your property. However, depending on the quality and quantity of the items in the home, there may be things left after the sale.There are several options about what can be done with what’s left:

  • the family can keep it or donate it;

  • we can sell to a local dealer;

  • high-end items can be taken to an auction house;

  • if mostly trash is left, we can arrange to have it hauled away


For more details, call us at 949-842-3243 or send an email to


ABOUT US Above All Estate Sales is a family owned estate sale company with a combined total of over twenty years experience in the antiques and collectibles business. We have been in the estate sale business since 2005. Also, we have a USPAP Certified Appraiser on staff.  For more info about Above All Estate Sales, click here.

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